Supreme State Prosecutor's Office


Cooperation with state institutions

Supreme State Prosecutor's Office regularly cooperates with the police and with other bodies for detecting criminal offences, such as Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, State Office for Gaming Supervision, Office for Money Laundering Prevention, Securities Market Agency, Slovenian Competition Protection Agency.

According to the law, the Prosecutor General submits a Joint report by the end of May each year on the work of state prosecutors’ offices to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, the prosecutor's office also regularly cooperates with the Committee of the National Assembly for domestic policy, public administration and justice.

International Cooperation

Supreme State prosecutors' office send requests for legal assistance to prosecutors’ services in foreign countries. In addition to bilateral relations, the participation of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Slovenia in the following international organisations is important:

  • EUROJUST – European Union's Judicial Cooperation Unit;
  • IAP – International Association of Prosecutors;
  • CPGE – Conference of Prosecutor's General of Europe;
  • IAACA – International Association for Anti-Corruption Agencies;
  • OLAF – European Anti-Fraud Office;
  • EUROPOL – European Police Office;
  • ERA – European Law Academy;
  • CCPE – European Law Academy.


Slovenian National Representative at Eurojust

Boštjan ŠKRLEC

Deputy National Representative

mag. Boštjan LAMEŠIČ

Assistant to National Member for Slovenia at Eurojust

District State Prosecutor


Contact details

Slovenian National Desk

Johan de Wittlaan 9

The Hague
The Netherlands